Review of Twenty Two Years to Life by Mohammed Morsi

Rating: 5/5

Twenty-Two Years To Life, without a doubt, has been the best read of 2017 so far.  Usually, I would not tell a book to be the best read outright like this without revealing the factors that lead to such a conclusion, but this book certainly is an exception. There are certain factors I consider essential that makes a great book and this one has it all.

The plot is based on a true story set in Middle Eastern country Gaza. The book starts with an author note that “This is work of fiction. The story is not. Free Palestine.” Even being a small book of merely 140 pages this is intense, heartbreaking, thrilling, a true page turner and a visual treat taking us through the lives of Palestine families amidst the war-torn Gaza due to the illegal Israeli occupation. The reader will experience an emotional rollercoaster that initially will make us smile, then bring to tears and finally chokes with emotions leaving us in a state of hopelessness.
The author is a fantastic storyteller that had me right from the first page and did not even take a break till I finished it. His first-hand experience apparently has given him an upper hand in making the book authentic.  There are a couple of beautifully written passages, and this book is more than I could ask for in a book of this size.

Overall, Twenty Two Years to Life is one such fantastic read that echoes long after reading. Finally a worthy competitor for the Book of the Year 2017. Highly recommended; I would say a must read.

The author/publisher provided a complimentary copy via Goodreads Giveaway.

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