Review of The Break-Up Clinic by Dr. Govind Sharma

Rating: 5/5

The Break-Up Clinic is the third book I am reading from the author, and I have observed that he has maintained his style of writing books short and on point. Even though the author says, this book would not come under self-help genre, it has the potential to be treated as one. Compared to his other books, this one talks about a more relevant topic about how today's generation fails to handle emotional situations by taking hasty decisions like alcoholism, drug, and suicide.

The protagonists of this book Karan, Ajay & Nisha comes from different social and economic backgrounds but do have a similarity that brings them together to the Break-Up Clinic supervised by Doctor Dev; all of them have attempted to end their life after a failed relationship. Now, this theme has always been an interesting and relevant for generations, but I cannot recall a single book that has elaborated the causes of a failed relationship, how it impacts the individual mentally and physically this well. The advice offered by the team of doctors to overcome these situations feel professional enough to consider this fictional book as a self-help book. Doctor Dev and his staff play a very crucial role in understanding the stories of these characters who convey their experiences as presentations. I enjoyed the style adopted by the author to convey the past the protagonists. The role played by Doctor Dev, and his team is very crucial throughout the storyline maintaining the balance of positivity with clinical suggestions, the unique method of practice & as a morale booster.

I also enjoyed being introduced to psychiatry, theories of Freud, and few technical terms for certain medical conditions proving the author knowledge in the field thus furthering the authenticity of the book.

Overall, The Break-Up Clinic has been a short, crisp and to point with a message to the readers that one can practice and live a happier life making this an excellent read. Highly recommended.

An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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