Book of the Month

2017 was a great year and as always it ended with a bang! I got to finish it with Origin by Dan Brown. Such a brilliant book definitely qualifies for the Book of the month for December 2017.

Previous Books of the Month:

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December 2017: Origin by Dan Brown
November 2017: Undelivered Letters by J Alchem
October 2017: Spider's Web by Charles Osborne
September 2017: Reading Slump
August 2017: Reading Slump
July 2017: Reading Slump
June 2017: An Era of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor
May 2017: Twenty-Two Years To LifeThe Break-Up Clinic
April 2017: Introduction to the Constitution of India
March 2017: Blood in the Paradise: A tale of an impossible murder
February 2017: A Perfect Murder and Other Stories
January 2017: The Penguin History of Early India From The Origins to AD 1300 by Romila Thapar
December 2016: State vs. Amrit Kumar
November 2016: Dark Matter
October 2016: The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revolution-From Secret Societies to Wikileaks and Anonymous
September 2016: Train to Pakistan
August 2016: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
July 2016: The Devil's Prayer


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