Review of Origin by Dan Brown

Review 4.5/5

Been a fan of Dan Brown’s work since I read Angels & Demons back in 2015. His books are a perfect combination of history, art & science. And the in-depth research & accuracy in his plots to me is impossible yet he proves me wrong every time with his books. No one does historical fiction thrillers the way Dan Brown writes, he keeps his readers glued to the book.

Now this time, in Origin he poses one of the 2 questions that has puzzled mankind for a long time.
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

Famous scientist and billionaire Edmond Kirsch is about to make a world-changing announcement. His research and advanced technology have finally found out the answers for these 2 burning questions, that has the potential to disrupt some basic pillars of the world such as religions, science etc. But then the event evolves in a very fast paced manner & lot of surprises are packed for the readers. I am deliberately avoiding the plot as Thrillers especially the works of Dan Brown need to be read & experienced. Any review of the same will be a spoiler & can’t do justice to this amazing work.

Origins draws light to various issues that are currently at large like fake news & its impact often bypassing authentic news reach, dark web, rapid advancement of technology, artificial intelligence. Along with this his writing skills, ability to play with universal thoughts, questions & fears in such a dramatic way helps his readers to stay glued to his book. But don’t expect the good old Dan Brown theme, even though this books attempts to answer one of the oldest unanswered questions the role of history in this book is very limited which may be a disappointment to some of his readers. This book is more about technology & for me it’s just another comfy spot.

Overall I loved this fast pace thriller. A very different book when compared to his other works especially because of the increased significance given to very advanced technology. Definitely a contestant for the Book of the Year Title.

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