My favourite reads so far...

Hi everyone, I'm Abby and welcome!

In this video I'm discussing my favourite reads so far & i look forward to hear from you too. Do mention your favourite authors & titles in the comments below so that we get to discuss them in future videos.
Thank you so much for watching this video :)
The complete reviews links to these mentioned books are provided below:

And Then There Were None:
Dark Matter:
Twenty Two Years to Life:
The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revolution-From Secret Societies to Wikileaks and Anonymous:
Murder on the Orient Express:
To Kill a Mockingbird:
Animal Farm:
The Devil's Prayer by Luke Gracias:
Harry Potter Series
Academic Books
An Era of Darkness:
Introduction to the Constitution of India:
The Penguin History of Early India From The Origins to AD 1300:

Stay tuned for more updates. :)


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