Review of The Dev Anand Story by Govind Sharma

Rating: 3/5

Dr. Govind Sharma is an author whose book I started reading from the very beginning and I have seen how he has evolved his writing over time. But when he informed me regarding his fourth book which is also his first non-fiction book I was excited and grabbed that opportunity to read it. I love his writing style and narration and wanted to experience how he could handle a non-fiction.

Now coming back to the book, The Dev Anand Story is the authors take on the life of his favorite Bollywood actor Dev Anand. Though I haven’t watched his movies before I did search for him online before reading the book. The book starts with the events of 4th December 2011 telling us about the sad demise of the evergreen actor and from there the author cites many incidents and by giving references to the sayings of great personalities. Towards the end, Dr. Govind Sharma goes on to list out details of all important film awards, honors and his movies.

What I enjoyed about this book is its simple language, style of narration, the level of details etc. I’m sure the author has struggled to collect all these details for his book. What makes the book stand out is that often biographies tend to be biased but this one talked about the downs and challenges this evergreen star faced. Dr.Govind also has succeeded in establishing how Dev Anand is not only an evergreen Bollywood actor but also a great human. This book has truly inspired me to watch Dev Anand movies.

Overall, a good read detailed enough to satisfy even a hard-core Dev Anand fans and students/researcher of film studies.

ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.


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