Review of While The Light Lasts by Agatha Christie

Ratings: 3/5

While the light lasts is an anthology of earliest short stories of the Queen of crime mystery Agatha Christie. First of all the titling of this book as Hercule Poirot #41 is misleading, only two of which are Poirot series. It is the second time this month I’m falling for such misleading titles that too with Agatha Christie.

Even though I didn’t enjoy all the stories as expected, there were some brilliant ones like While the light lasts, The Actress and The Edge. This book was more like a preview to look into the imagination of early AC and which eventually paved the way for the position of Queen of Crime Mystery. The majority of the stories in this book aren’t even mysteries. Now that may be a big disappointment to those looking for crime mystery, the plots are somewhat good with well-narrated scenes, but the slow-paced plot and less action ruins your high expectations especially if you are someone familiar with Agatha Christie’s work.



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