Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar

Rating: 3.5/5

Blood in the Paradise: A tale of an impossible murder is a murder mystery by Madhav Mahidhar. I loved the cover of the book which will compel anyone to take a look into but I felt the quality of the book could have been better but can’t really complain considering the price. The blurb could have been more interesting.

Blood in Paradise is an intriguing fast-paced plot that keeps the reader’s hooked to the plot right from the beginning. The plot starts with a suicide attempt of thirty two year old married women, Madhumitha by consuming cyanide who is rushed to the hospital immediately along with her husband Vikas. The plot keeps the readers on the edge from the very beginning by informing that Vikas too has consumed cyanide who later succumbs to the poison while Madhumita recuperates. Even as Madhimita’s diary explains her intention to suicide, few suspicions lead DCP Vishwaroop to investigate the case. From here the plot builds up and revealing more details may turn out to be spoilers.

The title kind of gives away the question in the mind DCP Vishwaroop/readers whether it was a real suicide attempt or an elaborate plan of murder but even with that acting as a spoiler the author succeeds in keeping the reader hooked with the well-developed characters and the unexpected twists as the case unfolds. The plot is well researched and developed making the plot feel authentic. The author brings several dimensions by bringing media, NHRC etc to the plot. I also enjoyed the simple narration yet effective enough to incite the imagination of the readers. The author also throws light to what an ideal feminism should be about. But I feel this book requires another round of editing to become a best seller.

Overall an intriguing read especially for those who love thrillers/murder mysteries. The plot does feel authentic thanks to the well-developed characters and researched plot. The simple narration also compliments the overall reading experience. Recommended.

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A complimentary copy was provided by the author/publisher via Goodreads Giveaway.


  1. That's an insightful review. Well written. I think you could have used a better font.

  2. Thanks Matt for your suggestion. Will definitely keep it in mind for my next review.

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