Invicible Tale of a Man (Journey Through Hell) by Aaron Pal Sen

Rating: 3.5/5

Invincible Tale of a Man tells us a story of a common man who faced several hurdles and how he struggles to cope with it in life. The protagonist, Sanjeev was the eldest son of the three, whose parents moved to the town in search of better employment opportunities. Being the first male child (regarded as a blessing in rural India), he was brought up with a lot of care and affection by the couple. Soon they realized their son was a slow learner in school and he struggled to keep pace with other students. Often his mother had to come down to school to copy down the notes he missed. As he grew they realized that Sanjeev was weak only in Hindi and English but was interested in sports and had a good physique.

Being a shy character (submissive actually), he was pushed into Science stream in high school and later to Medical school for higher studies by his father. Excited with his admission into M.B.B.S., his quiet and shy character changed overnight to an outspoken frank character who cracked jokes which were liked by his female batch mates. During this course, he developed a friendly relationship with a beautiful girl, Avanthika and in no time they became close friends. From then his life changed so much enough for him to remember the wise words of his anatomy professor who advised him to stay away from girls, alcohol, and money by saying “They will make you suffer one day or the other”.
Find out what happened between Sanjeev and Avanthika, how it affected his academic life? What could he possibly do to overcome these hurdles of life? Read the book to find answers to these questions.

My thoughts on the Invincible Tale of a Man

This is a fast-paced fictional story of Sanjeev (or one of us) who faces several hurdles in various stages of life and how he struggles to fight these situations to ensure survival. The author has taken care to add a lot of details to this making it a well-developed and authentic storyline. The protagonist Sanjeev’s character and situations he goes through is something we can easily relate to the hurdles we face in our daily life enabling us to emotionally connect with the character. The author has succeeded in making the readers truly understand Sanjeev and his responses to certain situations by providing detailed past of Sanjeev’s life which helped the character feel authentic and even helped me predict how he would face an issue. I also enjoyed the steady flow of events keeping the readers glued to the plot which is one quality I want in a book. The use of simplistic language further elevates the reading experience. A drawback I felt regarding this book is the chapter names which I feel disturbed the smooth flow of the plot by providing a clear picture of what is to happen to kill any chance of suspense’s, especially in those last chapters. 

Overall, this is no extraordinary story but a story of a common man, his struggles and
how he faces these hurdles and that's what makes this a beautiful read. Recommended.

A complimentary copy was provided by the author/publisher via Goodreads Giveaway.


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