03:02 Review

Rating: 3/5

03:02 by Mainak Dhar is a fictional thriller which revolves around the city of Mumbai which is under a complete blackout due to unknown reasons. After a grand celebration of his promotion with his friends the protagonist, Aditya wakes up at 03:02 AM just to find complete darkness all around. Initially, he believed it to be a normal power failure and so decided to go back to sleep. But later when he woke up around 07:00 AM the situation stands unchanged and that is something to worry about especially in a city like Mumbai.
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A quick study of situation provides him a clearer picture that it’s not a normal power failure but something more serious as even cars and almost everything has failed to function. As the plot develops more details about the blackout, what caused it, its impact are revealed which will definitely blow your mind. Revealing more about it may act as a spoiler for those who hasn’t read the book yet, so instead of going deeper into the plot, I would love to share my review.

This well-developed plot along with strong and authentic characters keeps the storyline interesting and succeeds in keeping readers glued to the book with its twists and action scenes I enjoyed the technicality in the fighting sequences and also the detailed planning and methods they adopted to survive the crises. The author was able to convey the emotions of the characters which boosted my reading experience. But with all these, personally, I couldn’t accept certain situations in the plot which I consider illogical especially because the plot downplayed the role and potential of the established defense systems in India. Again it’s just my personal observation which may or may not reflects the views of other readers.

Overall, 03:02 by Mainak Dhar is a good read especially considering that such plots still remains unattempted by most of the Indian authors which make this book unique. A book is more like an Indian version of the action-packed Die Hard movie series. Recommended.

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