State vs Amrit Kumar Review

Rating: 4/5

I was excited to receive a message from the author informing me about his second book and asking whether I was interested in reviewing the same. What attracted me specifically was its title “State vs Amrit Kumar” which gave me an idea it would probably be a case diary of a judicial battle which is likely to include the police investigation procedure which is something of my interest and so my answer was a big yes.

Now coming back to the book, the plot starts with a diary entry of Advocate Sukumar, a leading criminal defense lawyer who initially shares his approach in studying a case and also his strengths which gained him an above 95% success rate. Adv. Sukumar then shares insights about a case of Amrit Kumar, one of the protagonists, an honest but aggressive police officer who strives to make the society crime free but is falsely charged with a murder case. Adv. Sukumar tries studying the case by learning about Amrit’s past introducing many key characters like how Amrit’s father met Madhu, their marriage etc. and as the story builds up intricate details are revealed at various stages that may help the advocate free Amrit Kumar from the case. Will Amrit be acquitted of the murder charges by Adv. Sukumar or will judicial system fail and Amrit be punished as planned by his adversaries is for you to find out!

The plot is set in a fictional town of Rajapur tells the story about two generations giving the plot two different chronological phases making the reader glued to the elaborate storyline. The characters in this plot are well developed and feel authentic. It also portrays how the innocent and God-fearing people are often taken advantage due to their unsuspecting nature. I also enjoyed the use of beautiful quotes from Hitopadesh which was apt to the situation and the illustration in page 142 further elevated its influence on the reader. This clearly exhibits how Dr.Govind Sharma as an author has matured when compared to his debut work Anant Dot Com where his attempts to share the teachings from Ramcharitmanas felt more as a distraction.

Overall, State vs Amrit Kumar is a perfect blend of fiction and moral values with an elaborate plot that succeeds the reader glued to the storyline even when it tells the story of two generations along with the well developed and authentic characters making this book one excellent read. Also, the pertinent use of the beautiful quotes from Hitopadesh further elevates the book to another level. Excited to get my hands on his next book. Highly recommended.

An ARC was provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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