Land Acquisition in India: Is the Farmer Wrong...? Review


Talking about this book, Karan Doshi has done a pretty good job in defending his argument throughout the book even dragging strategic partnerships, international relations between countries and the competitors India will have to face to become most developed economy. The simple language and the so-called practical approach are what this book worth a read. I also loved the discussion of the Strategic partnership between countries especially the String of Pearls theory.

But personally, I felt the book was too one sided for real estate and pro-industrialist. I was surprised that the author never mentioned a word about “sustainable development” or the scope for the existence of agriculture and infrastructure together. Even as the author threw light on a strategic partnership of various countries, I felt similar strategies of India completely ignored. Too many excerpts towards the end ruined the originality of the book. Instead of going to a debate on these subjects in a review (maybe will discuss these with the author), I would have loved this book if it had succeeded in gaining a balance between the opinions but it failed in this aspect.

Overall, I would recommend this book to a team participating in the debate for industries and real estate instead of a general public who need to grasp the overall idea regarding the new Land Acquisition Bill of 2015.

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