Clouds Don't Pass Review

Rating: 3/5

Clouds Don't Pass has  been a good read. I loved the story line, well build characters, positivity, and a perfect blend of passion, friendship and love. The journey goes through his college life, friends, love, his struggles in life especially balancing his passion and responsibilities of life with a completely unexpected twist towards the end. The author was successful in making the reader feel the emotions and get attached to the story line. This book felt so close to my heart especially being a MCCian, I was lucky enough to be part of its culturals. This book further boosts the reader’s confidence to follow one's passion.

But personally I didn’t enjoy this Chetan Bhagat style of writing and at times felt too much of drama which some may will enjoy though.

Overall, a nice casual read with so much positivity and inspirational storyline. Recommended especially to those who love Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh works.

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A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher via Goodreads for a honest review.


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