A Perfect Ugly Winter Review

Rating: 3/5

A Perfect Ugly Winter is a fictional work by Jigar Solanki that revolves around three protagonists Manav, Niyati and Rhea. Manav a working professional, living a perfect life with his perfect girlfriend Niyati deeply in love, well settled in their career’s looking forward to spending their lives together. But to this Perfect Life or so he thought enters Rhea a foulmouthed, socially awkward girl, Manav accidentally bumps into creates ripples in his life influencing him so much to discover the true him and face the terror of his past. Rhea opens up his mind to rethink about 'perfectness' of his life.

What happens to the perfect pair of Manav and Niyati? What happens to Rhea? Find all that reading the book.

Good story line, good twists even though it was predictable and simple language makes this book a good read but personally, I didn’t enjoy the presentation, pretty dramatic and unrealistic moments which the author could have done a better job.

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A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher via Goodreads for an honest review.


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